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The feed will refresh every 10 seconds during market hours. 
Check the time on the daily chart to confirm the stream is active.

Click Here For Chart Explanation


      Point 22 on the daily chart and point 27 on the 15 min. chart represent the
      signal which would be generated by a flat future period.

      Large Oscillating Green Line = Positive Pressure
      Large Oscillating Red Line = Negative Pressure
      Small Oscillating Green Line = Positive dominant volume (change in
      price/period volume)

      Small Oscillating Red Line = Negative dominant volume (change in
      price/period volume)

      Dark Blue Line = Market Price (S&P 500)
      Green Squares = Algorithm Confirmation of Long Position
      Red Squares = Algorithm Confirmation of Short Position
      Black Squares = Algorithm Confirmation of Closed Position
      Green or Red straight line with a small circle on each end = each of these
      lines represent one trade.  If the line is green, the trade generated a
      positive return; likewise, a red line represents a loss

      Right Circle = Positive/negative pressure based upon the relative change in
      the USD and Treasuries

      Left Circle = Measure of dominant volume (change in price/period volume)


      1.  (IE8 only, IE9 is already set correctly) To get rid of that annoying click
           every 10 seconds (windows XP) go to "control panel", then "sounds and
           audio devices", click on the sounds tab, scroll down to "start navigation"
           under the "windows explorer" section and select "none" as the sound for
           "start navigation".

       2. The 15 min. algorithm will always produce a close position signal at the
          end of the trading day

       3. The first 30 minutes of trading can be extremely volatile and therefore
          should be avoided.

       4. Watch the positive and negative pressure lines to get a feel for the near
          term market direction.

      5.  This algorithm only incorporates oscillating and trending indicators and
           should be used in conjunction with price channels and support/resistance
           price levels.

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