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Online trading academy, trader education specifically geared to online traders.

The Chicago Board of Options Exchange margin calculator is critically important
          for selling options; however they don't allow external links (so you have
          to Google it).

Daniel Frishberg, and investment advisor with his own radio show.  Dan grew up
          on Wall Street, and is a very accurate source of market information.

Power Trading Radio, Supported by Online Trading Academy
          Merlin's blog, from power trading radio, with trading ideas

ZeroHedge is an interesting source of information; however, bearishness is quite
          prevalent on the site.

An insightful site with additional information for his paying customers,
          Phil's Stock World is worth a visit.

Financial Visualizations is a site with multiple heat maps, including Forex and Futures.

Trade Monster has a paper-trading platform that is exactly the same as their real money
          interface.  Using a paper-trading account to practice with is a critical step in the
          learning process.

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only.  If you chose to use any information on this site to trade anything, you do so at your own risk.  All trading involves risk.

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